Instructor 750 Hours

Diploma Program
CIP Code: 12.0413

Instructor Program
Our instructor program is 750 clock hours and takes about 8 months to complete.  As a instructor student you will study the skills and techniques related to the teaching of cosmetology arts and sciences.  Student instructors learn how to relate their skills and knowledge of cosmetology to others through demonstrations, lectures, proper planning.   The course combines theory and practical experiences in lesson development and presentation.


Career Opportunities
Careers opportunities include product educator, platform artist, as well as instructor.  You can find out more occupational information for Instructor (SOC 39-5012) at

Program Cost
The program cost for the cosmetology instructor program is $4000 and breaks down as follows:
          Tuition                              $3500
          Books                                  350
          Manikin & Supplies               150     

All our student learning materials are:
    Milady's Master Educator:
        Textbook Softcover 2009  ISBN-10: 1-4283-2151-9
        Exam Review 2009          ISBN-10: 1-4283-2154-3

   Milady's Standard Cosmetology:
        Textbook Hardcover 2012  ISBN-10: 1-4390-5930-6

Cost of Attendance (COA) Budgets 2011/2012 Award Year

The costs listed below are estimated figures of the total cost of attendance which includes expenses outside of tuition and fees.  Estimates for room and board as well as transportation are outlined to serve as a reference for prospective students.

Academic Year                      
Depend Students
750 Clock Hours                       Living w/Parents                             All Others  
Tuition & Fees                                                                                       3600
Books/Fees                                                                                            600
Room/Board                                                                                          8100
Transportation                                                                                       1260
Miscellaneous                                                                                       3360
Total Cost of Attendance

Gainful Employment Disclosures:

For information about on-time completion rates, employment rates, students who took out education loan rates, and median loan debt, etc. select this link

Instructor Gainful Employment Information