Diploma Program

CIP Code: 12.0401

Cosmetology Program

Our Cosmetology course is 1500 clock hours and takes about 14 months to complete.  As a cosmetology student, you will study the skin, hair, and nails sciences and perform as skills as cutting, styling, perming, relaxing, coloring, hair removal, facials, makeup, manicuring and pedicuring.  The course combines theory, practical, and laboratory applications where students are trained in a salon-type setting while offering services to the public.

Career Opportunities

Careers in hair styling, make-up artistry, manicuring, skin care, product sales, and salon owner are all possibilities for advancement and utilization of special interests within the field.  You can find out more occupational information for Cosmetologists (SOC 39-5012) click here

Program Cost

The program cost for the cosmetology course is $12,000 and breakdowns as follows:

       Tuition                              $11,000

       Books                                     350

       Kit, Manikins, Supplies           650

All our student learning materials are Milady's Standard Cosmetology 13th Edition:

     Textbook Hardcover          ISBN-13:  9781285769417

     Study Guide                      ISBN-13:  9781285769639

     Exam Review                    ISBN-13:  9781285769554

Cost of Attendance (COA) Budget 2017/2018 Award Year

The costs listed below are estimated figures of the total cost of attendance which includes expenses outside of tuition and fees.  Estimates for room and board as well as transportation are outlined to serve as a reference for prospective students.

                                                  Academic Year 1,  900 Clock Hours:                                          Academic Year 2, 600 Clock Hours:

                                                  Dependent Students                                                                    Dependent Students

                                                  Living with Parent                All Others                                       Living with Parent                All Others

   Tuition & Fees                                    6000                                 6000                                                       4000                                 4000

    Books & Supplies                              1000                                 1000                                                             0                                       0 

    Room/Board                                      5888                                 9704                                                       4416                                 7278   

    Transportation                                   2304                                 3288                                                       1728                                 2466

    Miscellaneous                                   2968                                 4480                                                       2226                                 3360

    Loan Fees                                             56                                     98                                                           46                                     74

    Total Cost of Attendance           $18,216                            $24,570                                                  $12,216                            $16,978

 Gainful Employment Disclosures

 For information concerning median loan debt, on-time completion rates, etc., click here